Car delivery from the USA is a long, complex and responsible process carried out by the INDIGO CARS team. It all starts with the selection and purchase of a car, and upon arrival it awaits customs clearance, repairs, certification and registration.

Delivery process

Search for a car at auction

The first step is to find the right car at American auctions. There are several popular online platforms such as Copart, Manheim, IAAI, and others where you can view various cars and see their history and photos.

Registration and deposit

After selecting the vehicle you are interested in, you will be required to make a deposit. The deposit is often required and is intended to ensure that you are serious and able to pay for the car if you win the auction.

Participation in the auction

At the next stage, we participate in the auction. We set our maximum bid and monitor the progress of the auction. If we win, your bid will be binding.

Payment and documents

After winning the auction, you will need to pay the amount indicated in your bid + auction commission.

Transportation to the port

After payment and receipt of the necessary documents, your car will be sent for transportation to the nearest seaport or to our site in America, from where it will be delivered to you.

Waiting for delivery

The wait for delivery may take several weeks, depending on where you purchased the vehicle from and your destination.

Customs clearance and customs clearance

After your car arrives at the port of destination, you will need to complete all necessary customs documents and pay customs duties.

Preparation for operation

After customs clearance, all you have to do is pick up your car from customs, register it and prepare it for use.