Cutting and disassembling cars for spare parts

Buying cars for spare parts and cutting up cars is one of the areas of work of INDIGO CARS.

Wholesale supplies of car kits from our warehouse in New Jersey A car kit is either a car cut into two parts or disassembled into parts. In common parlance, the word “sawing” is used in relation to them.

Benefits of working with us

Own warehouses for cutting
Highly qualified staff
Careful packaging of spare parts
We buy and arrange
We check every detail
We send the part to the client
Possible cutting options

When purchasing machine kits, you can choose one of three cutting options.

  • In the first, the car is cut in half between the front and rear doors, so you damage the least number of spare parts. All removable parts of the body, windshield and rear window, sunroof, and so on remain at your disposal.
  • The second option is used in case of selling a car with a damaged rear part. The front part is cut off behind the A-pillar. The entire front part of the car is sent, as well as the surviving parts from the rear. Due to changes in customs tariffs for the release of imported vehicle kits, the cost of cars cut using these two options is considered equal to 50% of the market value of a similar car. New cars are especially expensive in this case. In this regard, the third option is especially popular.
  • The car is completely disassembled, the body is sawn, and only the units and components necessary for the customer are packaged. This cutting method has several advantages. In addition to the fact that this allows you to reduce the cost of releasing the brakes, it is worth considering that much more disassembled ones will fit into the container than simply sawn ones, which also reduces the cost of transportation..

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